Swans - so nice to be on the lake

Spring has Sprung!

Swans - so nice to be on the lake


Spring has finally sprung in Stratford, after quite a few after April Fool’s Day tricks by Mother Nature.  All the snow has finally vanished,  leaving  a lovely new growth of green.  Crocus, daffodils and tulips are everywhere, and the leaf buds on the maples, oaks and willows by the river are getting ready to burst open any minute.

The swans are so happy to be on Lake Victoria once more, now Spring is here and they are released from their cozy winter quarters.  They are just waiting for the people who stroll  by to treat them with leafy greens and corn. We provide little bags of corn for our guests to give to the swans to nibble on – just don’t get too close – they can be quite territorial during the Spring mating season.

Make sure you take a walk along the water, only two short blocks from Mornington Rose, when you stay with us.  It’s a lovely way to relax and enjoy nature on a warm spring day.


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