Explore Stratford during Your Visit !!

The Stratford Festival

Festival Theatre


In Stratford, “the Play” really is “the thing”, so on your trip to Stratford you really must see one of the amazing theatrical performances ! Founded in 1952, the Stratford Festival has become world-renown for its repertory theatre, the largest in North America.  To read a bit about the Stratford Festival, go here to my blog, and here to find out about this year’s Playbill.


The Alpaca Experience

Jake the Alpaca


Are you ready for a mental health break? Connect with nature and cuddly animals with this unique opportunity to take an Alpaca on a walk.  We won’t judge if you do a little jig at the end, in the middle, or anytime during your walk along the trail.  Learn about Alpacas, then enjoy a casual picnic lunch at the Farm.  See here for more information, and to book an Alpaca Experience, contact Victoria at Mornington Rose.



Crabapple Orchard Experience

Visit North America’s only Crabapple Orchard to learn about this endangered Fruit.

Did you know that just a few miles away we have the only Crabapple Orchard in North America?  While this tiny apple was slowly dying out, taken over by regular size apples for consumer consumption, it’s now making a great comeback close to home.

We can arrange a tour of the orchard for you where you will learn about the apple, cultivation, harvest, and products made from them. Crabapple Jelly and Mixers are produced from the crabapples for the healthy foodies who want delicious mixed drinks and natural jams made with simple ingredients.

For a tour of the facility and to taste some delicious crabapple jelly and beverages, contact Victoria at Mornington Rose.


The Gardens of Stratford 

Shakespearean GardensAll around the city there are garden plots attended to by the members of the Stratford Horticultural Society, on a volunteer basis. They do a wonderful job of keeping them looking their best, and provide an unexpected beautiful surprise around a corner here and there, such as in the Iris Garden, the Dutch Garden and the Cenotaph Memorial.

The most splendid of these are the Arthur Meighen Gardens at the Festival Theatre, the Ophelia Lazaridis Garden at the Patterson Theatre, and the Shakespearean Gardens.

You can see details of the Gardens of Stratford here on the Mornington Rose website.



           The Stratford Perth Museum

Stratford Perth Museum

Do you like to find out the history behind the places you visit? Here, you’ll get to travel back in time and learn about almost 200 years of history that has made Stratford the town it is today.

This season, two new exhibits are featured: the Tom Patterson Story, the Anne Frank House Exhibit, on loan from Amsterdam, and not to forget our home-town boy, Justin Bieber. See here for more information, or here if you’re a Bieber fan.




Art Galleries

Gallery Stratford


Stratford is an Art Lovers delight.  Notwithstanding the architectural beauty of the Festival Theatre and the award winning architectural design of the Tom Patterson Theatre, there are numerous Art Galleries to visit. Go here for details of the galleries and the Art they feature and display at Gallery Stratford, Koolen Fine Arts, Agora Gallery, Gallery Indigena, and The Art of Ideas.  Go here for more details.




Farmers’ Markets of Stratford and Perth County.

St Jacob's MarketThe Stratford Farmers’ Market, open Saturday mornings, the Stratford Sunday Market, The Wild Hog Market, St. Jacob’s Market and Farmgate Markets are all wonderful places to purchase fresh produce, beautiful flowers, delicious baked goods, farm fresh eggs, cheeses, and locally produced pork, beef, lamb and chicken.  Don’t miss the variety of preserves, maple syrup and honey products that are also available to take home to enjoy, and the unique and unusual craft and hand made goods that will make great gifts for special occasions. 

For more details about each of these Markets go here to my blog. 


Have you seen our “Free Guide” ?  Go here to find out “What to Do and Where to Go While Visiting Beautiful Stratford, Ontario”!