Stratford Perth Museum

Stratford Perth County Museum

Stratford Perth Museum

Are you a history buff?

The Stratford Perth County Museum will be the perfect place for you to explore. 

Just on the western edge of town, the Stratford Perth County Museum is located on seven acres of rural property. It houses a curated collection of over 20,000 artifacts celebrating the rich history of Perth County.

As well as several permanent displays, the Museum has many exhibits that change throughout the year, such as the Stratford Festival exhibits: To the Victor, the Spoils, and The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe. Recent displays have included the My Corner of the World quilt exhibit, the Franklin Exhibition, the Perth Regiment exhibit and many more. As well, we can’t forget our home-town boy, rock star Justin Beiber. He has a continually growing exhibit,  See here if you are a fan!

This season, the Stratford Perth County Museum features two new exhibits.  The Tom Patterson Story depicts the life of Tom Patterson, not just known for his connection with the Stratford Festival, and the Anne Frank House Exhibit, on loan from Amsterdam, is about the life and death of Anne Frank which will definitely move you.

There’s always something new and interesting to see in and on the grounds of the Museum.

“The Museum explained the history of Upper Canada, specifically Stratford and Perth County. We also saw some beautiful costumes from the Stratford Festival.”  Barb K.  Mississauga

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