Festival Theatre Stratford

In Stratford, “the Play” really is “the thing” !  

Founded in 1952, the Stratford Shakespeare Festival has become world-renown for its repertory theatre, the largest in North America.

Personalities such as director Tyrone Guthrie and designer Tanya Moiseiwitsch were instrumental in the development of the Festival.  Actors such as Alec Guiness, James Mason, Irene Worth, Maggie Smith, Brian Denehey,  William Shatner, and Christopher Plummer are among the ranks of those who have graced their stages over the last 70 years.

The four  theatres, The Festival, The Tom Patterson, The Avon, and The Studio comfortably house patrons who enjoy rousing musicals, Shakespearean plays,  entertaining comedies and original works by Canadian and international playwrights.

Don’t miss a look into some of the “behind the scenes” activities that the Stratford Festival runs.  They regularly have tours Backstage, at their Costume Warehouse and the Festival Archives. There are Forum Events, and the occasional meet the cast or director sessions. You’ll find the info for all of this (and more) on their website.

To celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Stratford Festival and the opening of the new Tom Patterson Theatre, a wonderful playbill is presented:


Chicago  / Hamlet  /  Richard III

The Miser  /  All’s Well that Ends Well  /  Little Women

Hamlet – 911  /  Death and the King’s Horseman  /   1939 

Every Little Nookie  /  Freedom Cabaret 2.0  


Go here to book your room when you have chosen which of these marvellous performances you would like to see!


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