Festival Theatre Stratford

2022 Playbill !!

Stratford’s love and commitment to the arts is reflected in the annual theatre festival, galleries and museums, artistan markets and co-ops, and calendar of live musical performances. The Arts are what draw people to Stratford.



Stratford is truly Ontario’s Premiere Arts Town.


To celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Stratford Festival and the opening of the new Tom Patterson Theatre, a wonderful playbill is presented:


 Chicago  / Hamlet  /  Richard III

The Miser  /  All’s Well that Ends Well  /  Little Women

Hamlet – 911  /  Death and the King’s Horseman  /   1939 

Every Little Nookie  /  Freedom Cabaret 2.0  


Richard III and All’s Well That Ends Well were the first two  plays that were performed at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in the summer of 1953.