I hope that by now you’ve had a chance to read “What to Do and Where to Go while Visiting Beautiful Stratford, Ontario”. If you haven’t, then here’s the link again. Simply CLICK HERE to get instant access.

The Stratford Shakespeare Festival is a world renowned repertory company. The actors perform in two or three plays each season, and some will even play multiple parts in a single play as well.

From ten to fourteen plays are staged each year, with each performance housed in one of four theatres. As well as three or four plays by Shakespeare, there will be one or two musicals, plays commissioned by the Festival from Canadian and international playwrights and a play geared specifically for children.

This year, the 70th anniversary of the opening, celebrates the opening of the new Tom Patterson Theatre which was named after the founder of the Festival.

The Festival has had a glorious history and we look forward to many more years of great plays and performances.

CLICK HERE to find out more and to see all of the plays being staged this year


Did you know that we have  Alpacas near Stratford?

A small herd of these unique animals live on a farm a short drive from Mornington Rose Bed and Breakfast.  They love to receive visitors and to be taken for a walk!

Alpacas are very gentle creatures who love to be petted and enjoy interacting with humans.  They actually hum when you approach them. Their lovely soft fleece is hypo-allergenic and luxurious to the touch, and can be knitted and woven into beautifully soft garments, and even made into the most wonderful teddy bears!

Spend some time getting to know them in the fresh, country air, then round out your visit with a delicious picnic lunch under the trees overlooking the pasture.

To find out more about our Alpaca Experience go here on our website!

Gardens and Galleries

Stratford has the most amazing array of gardens and art galleries to satisfy every gardener or art lover during your visit.

Wander along  the Avon River to take in the sight and fragrance of the Shakespearean Gardens, the Meighen Gardens by the Festival Theatre, and the Lazaridis Gardens by the new Tom Patterson Theatre. There are also other smaller gardens tended by the Stratford Horticultural Society in many places around the city. They are all quite spectacular and well worth a visit !  See our Attractions page and blog post for details.

Art Galleries abound as well, with both indoor and outdoor exhibits at Gallery Stratford, First Nations and Metis Art at Gallery Indigena,  and contemporary Art at Agora and Koolen  galleries. Details can be found here.

Farmers Markets

Don’t you just love Farmers Markets?

They are the perfect places to sample and purchase all the locally produced bounty that southern Ontario has to offer.

Markets in Stratford and Perth County are all wonderful places to purchase fresh produce, beautiful flowers, delicious baked goods, farm fresh eggs, cheeses, and locally produced pork, beef, lamb and chicken.  Don’t miss the variety of preserves, maple syrup and honey products that are also available to take home to enjoy, and the unique and unusual craft and hand made goods

See my blog post here for information about Stratford Farmers’ Markets, the St. Jacob’s Market, the Wild Hog Market just outside of town, and the Farmgate markets on the country roads in and around Perth County.