Enjoy a sumptuous silver service breakfast served on our airy veranda or in our elegant dining room.

A silver service breakfast and a welcoming cup of coffee will be ready at 9:00 a.m.


Peach sorbet, peaches and mint

Begin with a selection of fruit or vegetable juice, then enjoy a refreshing fruit plate or cup, with creamy yogurt and crunchy home-made granola.

This is served with sweet rolls, a light breakfast cake, or Murray’s melt-in-your-mouth scones with cream and home-made preserves.


feta omelet greek salad, spanakopita, rosemary bread roasted cherry tomatoes

A hot entree follows.

Chef’s savoury choices could be  luscious Eggs Benedict or Florentine, a roasted red pepper and feta Omelet, or an individual Cheddar Herb Frittata.

Blueberry Bread Pudding

If a sweet breakfast is your preference, perhaps  Buttermilk Pancakes with Raspberry coulis and fresh berries, fruited, suzette or bananas foster French Toast, or a blueberry brakkfast Pudding  would suit you better.  All our breakfast entrees are accompaniedby a selection of meat and vegetables, and edible flowers for garnish.

Enjoy a great cup of fresh-brewed coffee, tea or another beverage of your choice with your meal.


We take great pride that all of our baked goods and preserves are made fresh,  on-site, and the ingredients  are  purchased from local growers and producers in the Stratford area.

If you have any dietary preferences please let us know in advance.  We cannot guarantee that any dietary needs can be met without prior arrangements.

Murray and Victoria have both successfully completed the Safe Food Handling course offered by the Ontario  government.



Baked Goods, Preserves of all kinds and Home-made Cheese – Yummy!!!

Ginger Pumpkin Loaf, Walnut Banana Bread, sweet and savoury scones of all varieties – all made fresh on-site!

Try a piece at breakfast or for an afternoon or evening snack!

Soft cheeses and fresh mozzarella are also made here.

Try savoury cheese on a crostini or a sweet cheese on a scone!   Both are delicious on a freshly baked croissant!

Our fresh mozzarella is great with tomatoes and basil from our garden for a breakfast side,  or on a piece of rosemary toast with your breakfast!

Many varieties of preserves are made at Mornington Rose.

We buy local fruit in the summer and freeze it to make preserves over the winter.

The cooking aromas makes the house smell delicious on a cold snowy day.