Alpaca Farm Experience – Come Dance with the Alpacas!

Ready for a mental health break? Connect with nature and cuddly animals with this unique opportunity to take an Alpaca for a walk on a your Alpaca Farm Experience.  We won’t judge if you do a little jig right in the middle, or at the end, or anytime along the trail !

Alpacas going for a walk

Just a hop, step and jump away from the Mornington Rose you will find TLC Alpacas.  This lovely farm is the home of cows, horses, (two miniatures as well), donkeys, goats, and a small herd of beautiful Alpacas. These gentle animals love interacting with humans, and actually hum when you approach them. They enjoy going for walks through the countryside, even in winter.  They love to be petted, and they have such lovely soft fleece!  A variety of Alpaca products are for sale at Mornington Rose,  including the softest, most adorable teddy bears! 

Spend some time getting to know them in the fresh, country air, then round out your visit with a delicious picnic lunch under the trees overlooking the pasture, or enjoy a home-made hot soup and sandwich lunch back at Mornington Rose.

Your Alpaca Farm Experience will include:

  • a one hour visit with the Alpacas, including selecting your favourite animal and taking him  for a walk through the farmland
  • giving your Alpaca a shower and a treat at the end of your walk (they really like this!)
  • bottled water to stay hydrated during your walk
  • a casual picnic lunch to enjoy in the meadow overlooking the pasture, or a hot, home-made soup and sandwich lunch back at The Rose
  • a chance to purchase some wonderful alpaca products right at the farm or at Mornington Rose

$49 per person, plus cost of lodging, tax & gratuity.

Tours are  dependent on weather and ranch availability.

A Bit About Alpacas

The natural habitat of the Alpaca is the high Andes of South America.  Since 1984, they have also flourished on farms throughout Canada and the United States because they are so adaptable. One such farm is TLC Alpacas just a 20 minute drive from the Mornington Rose Bed and Breakfast.


Alpacas are without a doubt  one of the cutest animals that roam our planet Earth.  Just the fact that alpacas come in 22 different colours makes them unique.  Add to that their gentle nature, tranquil temperament, luxurious fleeece, and gentle, calming humming sounds, and you have an animal that no human can resist hugging.

There are two difference kinds of Alpacas, the Suri Alpaca, which has fiber that looks like dreadlocks and is very silky, and the Huacaya (wa-kiy-a) which has crimpy fleece that gives the animal a woolly and round appearance.

Alpaca snacks


Alpacas prefer to be outdoors rather than being cooped up in a barn.  At TLC Alpacas, they live in a large pasture with a three-sided shed for shelter, which is ideal.  They eat very little food each day, usually as much as a large dog.  They are fed grass, good quality grass hays (some alfalfa is fine), and a special alpaca crumble made from corn and molasses for a sweet treat.  They need hay and/or grass for the fiber it contains.  They are annually innoculated and dewormed, as your cat or dog would be.

Many of the Alpacas at TLC  go to Shows, Fairs, and Exhibitions around the country in large trailers, similar to horse trailers.  They are supplied with hay and water while they travel. They are trained to walk with a lead and harness, and will stop when you pet them, so they get more attention! Some people train their Alpacas to go through obstacle courses, so the animals have to be smart and not afraid of people; they have to trust and listen to their handlers.

Alpacas are prized for their fleece, which is wonderfully soft and luxurious.  As soft as cashmere, it will not lose its luster even with washing.   At TLC Alpacas the animals are shorn in the late spring, to keep them cooler through the hot summer months. Alpaca fleece is softer, stronger, and lighter than virtually any othr natural fiber.  It is five to seven times warmer than sheep’s wool, and has no lanolin, so is considered hypoallergenic and eco-friendly.  It has an antibacterial property that resists staining and odours.  Items made from their fleece to not require as frequent washing as other textiles, as it doesn’t hold odor or bacteria, nor is it easily soiled.

                        Alpacas before shearing                           Alpacas freshly shorn

 Fluffy Alpacas before shearing – and after !

At Mornington Rose, and TLC Alpacas there are many alpaca fleece items for you to take home as a souvenir of your visit.  There are beautiful lacy shawls, light scarves and socks, for the warmer weather, to snuggly warm hats, mitts, and wooly scarves for the winter.  And to top it all off, there are even Teddy Bears made of Alpaca fleece  that are irrestistable to cuddle!  You will be sure to find some great gifts for your favourite babies to adults. You’ll probably find the perfect gift for yourself, as well!  


“My grandson and I had a great time interacting with the Alpacas at Faye and Fred’s farm They are such adorable animals! We also really enjoyed the picnic lunch in the pasture provided by Victoria from Mornington Rose.  We hope to go back there the next time we are in Stratford.”  Marcie K. Peterborough, ON. 

You are sure to enjoy your Alpaca Farm Experience at TLC Alpacas !  Book your room here, and make sure to contact Victoria to make arrangements for you !